Tension and Suspense in the Monkey's Paw

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Tension and Suspense in the Monkey's Paw There are many techniques that are used to create tension and suspense in 'The Monkey's Paw'. From the very beginning we can see that the language used sets the scene and conveys the mood of the story; "the night was cold and wet". Pathetic fallacy immediately implies that the story will be based on evil and creates tension as it intrigues the reader. We can see that the language used helps the story to become fast paced which contributes to creating tension and suspense. We can also see that there are many words that create suspense by themselves; "the words died away on his lips", "beastly", "slushy". All of these words used keep in with the Gothic genre that characters are described negatively and the descriptions of objects are negative. The dialogue used also builds up tension and suspense: 'As I wished, it twisted in my hand like a snake' 'Well, I don't see the money,' said his wife From this we can see that by having a section in dialogue, it heightens the tension at that point and quickens the pace of the story. Furthermore, we can see that a simile has been used which helps the reader to visualise what Mr White went through. We can also see that the punctuation used in the story also helps to create tension and suspense, "What's that?" By italicising the text, it adds emphasis onto it and shows the reader that the character is shocked and speaking in a raised voice. This intensifies the tension and makes the reader want to read on to find out what happens. The fact that the story is in a narrative perspective also creates tension and suspense. As the story is written in the third person, the reader is more removed from the story and the emotional impact. This is a definite contrast to the Red Room, which is written in the first person. The story is more emotive if in first person, as it is as if you are looking through someone's eyes and sharing the same feelings
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