Television 's Desire For Reality Television

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I believe that an important problem that exists with media today is television’s yearning to look like classic film. We constantly see the most popular television shows become popular because of their imitation of film. As long as trying to replicate film through the new technology of television remains the norm, we will never advance in our use of it. Along with that, the desire for television shows that fall into this category will eventually fizzle out, leaving us stranded for new content. In reading Mark Andrejevic, I realized that our problem with reality television is not that it is immature or corny as a lot of people view it, but it’s complete separation from classical film. Reality television shows often have not only a different look from film because they shoot digitally, but the frame rate of reality TV is sometimes different as well, making the view of reality TV completely separate from film. Along with that, the characters as well as the topics covered in reality TV would have no place in film, thus creating an even larger divide. In an Anthropology class, I learned about the “Conduit Metaphor” which talks about the way communication is “supposed” to happen between a speaker and a listener. When someone speaks, they are supposed to produce an uninterrupted form of speech, free of obstacles, that the listener can take in without expending any energy. The way accents and vocabulary are talked about when viewing speech through a lens of the “Conduit Metaphor” are the same ways that contest and reality television are talked about when viewing media. People often do not take this form of television seriously, and when they do, they still don’t view them as “good television.” More often than not, reality TV shows are ... ... middle of paper ... ...hows are about celebrities, this works in conjunction with the celebrities to create a well-rounded narrative that plays on the audience’s views of the actors, something that filmic cinema has a hard time doing. “Big Brother […] is the first reality format to incorporate the Internet directly into the show, offering a hybrid combination of twenty-four-hour webcasting and prime-time programming” (Andrejevic, 19). This capability of the show to be both live and have an edited option designed for television later is a wonderful use of the living aspects of television that cannot occur with film. It is one of the ways that the technology of television is allowing us to advance into a new age of digital video and television. Hopefully particular capability comes with more advancements that allow for our experiences as viewers to flourish more than they ever have before.
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