Teen Rebellion Depicted In The Book Unwind

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A Positive into a Negative The book Unwind showcases how the odds can be completely out of a group’s favor at one point in a story, but can ultimately turn into something completely advantageous to that same group. The subject matters of this book are not pretty in the slightest. Rather, they include the likes of abortion, racism, teen rebellion and mental illness. Though this book tackles such dark subjects, by the end of the book one can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. The primary element of this book consists of a fictional procedure called “unwinding”. In this procedure, a person must stay awake while their limbs and organs are being surgically removed from their body. These kids were brought up to fear this procedure, yet it is encouraged as a sort of good for humanity. By unwinding someone, another person gets to enjoy the limbs of another whether it’s because they are in dire need of a heart or in desperate need of an arm. This …show more content…

Indeed, teen rebellion has been the cause of many accounts of vandalism, destruction and terror within the world, but mainly within the United States. However, in this book, teen rebellion is seen as a positive instead of a negative. Because the main teenage protagonists of the story have to deal with the possibility of them being unwounded, they are full of anxiety at every step they take, despite having moderate amounts of hope. It is fair to mention that the way that the teenagers rebel at first is not by causing fires or ultimate destruction. They rebel in the form of escaping arrest and hiding in various safe havens so that the Juvenile guards don’t take them to a harvest camp. This places another positive spin on the negative view of teen rebellion. Because they are so passive in their resistance, the main characters are unintentionally debunking the negative stereotype of juvenile teens and giving themselves a positive to fight

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