Techniques In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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The short story “Harrison Bergeron”, written by Kurt Vonnegut, is an amusing essay. There are many other stories written by Vonnegut that I have personally loved reading. This specific one however, is likely to be one of my favorites. Kurt Vonnegut himself, has an interesting story of his life and how he got into writing in the first place. In this story, the author uses many different techniques on how to write the grand story that he did. Some of these techniques include: Imagery, irony, humor, and style.
Kurt Vonnegut had an interesting early life. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Vonnegut attended Cornell University, however he dropped out in the year of 1943. After so, Vonnegut decided to enlist in the United States Army. While …show more content…

For instance, “ Harrison tore the straps of his handicap harness like wet tissue paper, tore straps guaranteed to support five thousand pounds. Harrisons scrap-iron handicaps crashed to the floor. Harrison thrust his thumbs under the bar of the padlock that secured his head harness. The snapped like celery. Harrison smashed his headphones and spectacles against the wall” (Vonnegut 234). An example of imagery cannot get any better than this one. While reading this part of the story, I personally could imagine everything that was happening step by step and it gave me such an amazing visual and understanding on what Kurt Vonnegut was explaining. An additional example of the many include… “ A police photograph of Harrison Bergeron was flashed on the screen upside down, then sideways, upside down again, then right side up. The picture showed the full length of Harrison against a background calibrated in feet and inches. He was exactly 7 feet tall” (Vonnegut 234). As said before, this technique that the author uses helps the reader tremendously as far as understanding and visualizing what is going on with the characters …show more content…

One example that stood out to me was the fact on how the author described the character Harrison Bergeron and how he is extremely big and tough and dangerous this character is. The part that threw me off was how Bergeron started to dance with the girl on the television show. Most readers reading this story most likely would not see someone as tough as this man was, break out his dancing shoes and tear up the floor. George Bergeron, and his wife Hazel Bergeron, are the parents of Harrison. They are actually watching the T.V. show that their son is on. Hazel, has difficulties remembering certain things. Well, while harrison is dancing with this girl, another character named Diana Moon Glampers, the General, came in and shot Harrison Bergeron and the girl for taking off all their gear with a shotgun. The reason why this is ironic is because of the fact while this was all going down, George stepped out of the room to go grab a drink and missed the whole situation. He came back in the room and noticed his wife was shocked by something but she was unable to remember on what happened. So they are unaware that their son had been shot and killed. One more example of the irony that caught my attention while reading this story was the fact on how Vonnegut explained that Harrison bergeron escaped from prison and is running free with all this heavy metal and different

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