Talking To Children About Race

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Sometimes you assume that children do not comprehend race or class problems. But we can never be certain of what outside issues they are going to be faced with. According to this article, they think that talking to your children about racism in Kindergarten might be the right time because that way it will prevent them from issues they might be face later on in their lives. It’s never too early to explain to them that other people might act different towards them because they’re being racist. You don’t want your child to feel like they’re worthless or harmed just like Marley and her experience during recess. She had no idea this was going to happen because fact her school is diverse, but the majority of students are still white. First of all, Marley was just being a normal little girl playing around with Billy a white girl and the other girls she was with. Billy told her that she was scared of her because she was black. Marley could not believe was she was hearing because she had assumed that they were no more people who viewed her in this way since her family had taught her better. Billy emphasizes to her that because of her race she was less than her and that it was acceptable to be scared. This issue in recess deals with socially constructed nature of race and how other people perceive you. Critical race theory is focused with race being the primary cause of racism and discrimination. Whites belief that they’re superior to other races because of their skin color. Therefore, it makes them think that it’s okay for them to be racist. In the interview with Marley she describes how scared the little girl acted when she got close. Like if she was going to kill her or something. This is an issue that little kids should not have to... ... middle of paper ... ...s going to kill her or something. This is an issue that little kids should not have to be faced with. They should be able to all get along and not think about what color they are. In this case, its Billy (white girl) parents that have to teach her better and not give her all this negative advice to the point where she will be racist because of the way she was brought up at home. Not everybody is discriminated or racist, but if we want to prevent this form happening more and more we need to educated our youth. Discrimination in a school environment is common and not just with children, but it can also happen with teachers and students. Teachers treating students different because they don’t look like them or maybe because they believe that minorities don’t try hard in class why even bother giving them more attention. Therefore, they focus more on their own race.

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