Tale Of Two Cities

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A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Plot: It is the beginning of the French revolution and the countries at war with it's self. Many if not all of the lower class people believe it is time for change in the French Social and political system. Dr. Alexander Manette was a prisoner in the Bastille (Frances symbolism for Royal Authority) for 18 years. He is eventually released and he travels to London with Jarivs Lorry of Tellson bank, who had raised his daughter since Manette was imprisoned. Since Alexander had been imprisoned for so long he had lost touch with life, love, rest, duty and comfort which his daughter helps to bring out in him again. Five years later in the year 1780 Charles Darnay is being accused for treason but is saved from execution when his lawyer, Sydney Carton, makes the point that he and Darnay look very similar so how could the prosecutor be sure that Darany was indeed the spy. Carton, his boss Stryver and Darany at this point are all in love with Lucie and she chooses Darnay and they are wed. Darnay reveals his identity to Lucie's father Alexander Manette. Darnay is actually Charles St. Evremonde, who is the nephew of the Marquis St. Evremonde. Marquis St. Evremonde was the man who was responsible for Dr. Alexander Manette's imprisonment. Upon hearing this Manette returns to his old habit from prison, and makes shoes for nine days before regaining himself and joining the couple on their honeymoon. When he returns Carton visits him and requests friendship which Darnay agrees too. The year 1789, Madam Defarge and her husband lead an attack on the Bastille, and the French revolution begins. The revolutionaries begin killing the aristocrats and nobles in the streets. A maintenance man from the Evrémonde estate, named Gabelle is imprisoned and five years later writes Darnay requesting that he be freed. Darnay knowing the risks decides to go to his aid regardless and departs for France. As soon as he arrives he is arrested and tried for his ancestors wrongs from many years before which were committed against Madam Defarge's parents. He is then sentenced to death within twenty-four hours. Carton goes to visit Darnay in prison and convinces him to trade clothes with him. He then drugs Darnay and the guards thinking he is Carton escort Darney to a waiting carriage where he is taken safely away.
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