Take Me Home

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HARRY "Harry, we have to go now!" "I can't Lou, I have to find Gemma and my mum." "I'm sorry Haz, but we got to leave. I'm sure Paul has them. But we don't have much time. We need to get to safety." I nodded as Louis grabbed my arm and we ran. I had no idea what was happening. One moment we were on stage, performing our last song for the night when people suddenly began screaming. Everything just turned into an instant chao; they had horrified looks on their face as they started to run and climb up the stage. The girls were not screaming anymore because they finally saw us perform live, but because they were scared. I could see them, especially the little ones, crying as their daddies carried them on their shoulders as they tried to find a place to get their daughters to safety. I was dumbfounded for a while, looking at the sudden commotion in front of me. I snapped back into reality when I felt Louis grab my arm and that's when we began to run. My thoughts were muddled. I couldn't think straight. The first thing that instantly came into my mind was my family. I knew that there was a special reserved part for our families in the audience area but I forgot where it was. That meant that they were still out there. I closed my eyes and prayed for their safety. My thoughts were mainly for them. They might get hurt because of the stampede for Christ's sake! "Go, go, go!" I heard Josh's voice behind me as he pushed me forward. I looked at him and I could see beads of sweat and the look of panic on his face. He looked back and gave me a weak smile as he put his hands on my shoulder, urging me to move faster along the overcrowding in the backstage. Louis let go of his tight grip of my arm and then ... ... middle of paper ... ...some. Some were just infected with the virus from the Schmidt lab. Well, I called it Shit Lab. When I got tired of watching them, I went back to my room and looked for books to read. I ended up taking Fifty Shades of Grey. Gemma was sort of a fan of this series and I didn't understand why. I secretly took the book and put it on my shelf without her knowing it. Well, at least she's not here to bug me for reading this book. Before I could finish the first chapter, I flinched when I suddenly heard a loud bang in the kitchen downstairs. It was not an ordinary sound so I went to check it out. I grabbed a crowbar I always put beside my bed and slowly made my way to the kitchen. The banging didn't stop. It was our back door. Someone or something was banging it furiously. With the crowbar firmly held on my hands, I held the doorknob and swung the door open.
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