Sympathy to the Young and Negativity to the Adults in the film Stand By Me

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The Director of the film “ Stand By Me” invites us to sympathize with younger people whilst portraying adults in a negative manner. Discuss.

The film “Stand By Me” invites us to sympathize with younger people. The movie tells the story of four young boys Teddy, Vern, Gordy and Chris. The movie is based around the character of Gordy who relives the events of their past years through his writing, Gordy is criticized by his family because they want him to be like his older brother Danny who died in a car accident. Teddy who has had some trouble in the past with his Father is sympathized against as the son of a loony. Vern is shown sympathy towards the fact that he is so emotionally immature and vulnerable. You and particularly feel sympathy towards Chris due to his families horrible reputation when Chris would like to be known as his own person. Their adventure began and ended in two completely different levels of maturity for all of the boys. “ We knew exactly who we were and exactly where we were going.”

Gordy is the main protagonist in this film he tells the story of their adventure to find Ray Browler’s dead body when they were 12 years old. Gordy was always compared to his older brother Danny his parents were continually paying more attention to Danny than Gordy, they seemed to care more about Danny’s football career than Gordy’s outstanding writing. When Gordy’s brother Danny died his parents could not seem to move on. “ …four months after Danny’s death my parents still haven’t been able to put the pieces back together.” Gordy’s parents placed pressure on Gordy to make him feel partially responsible for Danny’s death, they were always pushing him to be more like Danny, especially when he was gone. They were unhappy with his friends and his attitude toward life. “Why can’t you have friends like Danny’s? Their alright Dad. What? A thief and two feiebs?” Gordy is sympathized against due to the fact that he was 12 and had such a large amount of responsibility and pressure on his shoulders and such a young age.

Teddy was the mysterious quarter of the group, always wanting to risk his life in dangerous stunts. Teddy was always out to prove something, he tried to dodge a train that was speeding toward him, until Chris pulled him out of the way.
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