Symbolism In Sonny Blues

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The quality of a person cannot be determined through their success, their size, education, life, their skin color, and sometime even their personalities. The smallest person can make the biggest impact and the largest person can make the smallest impact. Throughout history, many of the world leaders that we’ve come to learn, like Gandhi were consider the hero’s that was sent from heaven. Although many of them may were able to back up their expectation, but a lot of them were not all-shining start; with grade point average of 4.00.Gandhi was involve in activities that would probably change our perception towards him. Gandhi crime was the fact that he was involved with child sexual harassments. He enjoyed physically sleeping naked with younger…show more content…
Within the short story “Sonny Blues” the idea of image identifying a person is questioned throughout the story. Sonny was judge at, look down upon, and treated as a child by his brother. He was unable to obtain equality and respect that he wanted from his brother. He then later expresses his feeling and shows his brother who he really was by accomplishing his dream as a jazz musician. In the next stories, “Ralph the duck” the character who was unnamed throughout the story was a ex-soldier who attended college with the free course that was offer to him for serving his country each semester. The character was defined as unintelligent by the vulgar professor due to his writing assignment. Just as Sonny, this character later shows the professor what he’s really capable of by rescuing one of his students from a suicidal attempt. Both stories is linked with the theme of quality over image. Nevertheless a person may make judgmental assumption but the image of a person cannot enhance the quality of whom they really…show more content…
His mother said to him “You got to hold on to your brother, and not matter how evil you gets with him. You going to get evil with him many a time. But don’t you forget what I told you, you hear” (Pg20 L102) As a life long promise, he was pressured to keeping his promise. Ultimately sonny’s brother didn’t do anything wrong as a brother, but the thing that he forgot to do was placing himself into the shoe or rather into the life of Sonny and see the world through his perspective. He didn’t necessary assume his brother was a worthless person, but as an instinct he act upon his brotherly duties. Despite the fact that he was one of the closest people in Sonny life, he was still unable to identify what his brother was truly going through and in addition to it; he speculated his condition of life first instead of truly listening to his words and supporting his

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