Swot And Strategy Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of The Casino Industry

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MiTasha Huey
SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Instructor: Daniel Boose

Stable Industry growth
States Privatizing Lotteries
Great Customer Service
Products and Services offered WEAKNESSESS
Tax Structure
Decrease in consumer spending
Addicted Gamblers
Growing Economy
New Games
Gamble Reward Program
Emerging Markets THREATS
Increase in Labor cost
Tax rates raised

There are many ways that the customer service experience can be improved. One way is to understand that expectations that the customers want within the company. Casinos need to be able to understands the standards that need to be made for the company. That way the expectations can be …show more content…

The Casino Industry have mad changes that have been positive. Customers love the gaming machines at the casinos. Just to be able to pull the handles, press the buttons, and all of the colorful slot machines is a sight to see. The Casino Industry has changed tremendously by changing the products and services. The Casino Industry went from just having the basic slot machines with the pull handle to having slot machines with push button and touch screens. This brings the customers back to the casinos because the new machines are more exciting than the old ones.
Barriers to Strategy Implementation
There are numerous factors in improving the Casino Industry performance. Increasing products and services is one that that will have to be implemented with the Casino Industry. Adding new technology at the Casinos will be another thing that can be done. Listed below are some barriers that affect the strategies in the Casino Industry.
Financial Crisis that caused gamblers to spend less and gamble less.
The increasing in Internet Gambling. People are gambling more on the internet while at home in their personal space.
Global Economic turndown is bad for the gambling

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