Swot Analysis : The National Commission For Civic Education

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SWOT Analysis Strengths: The strengths of the NCCE refers to those factors that gives it an advantage over others. Every organization’s human resource plan must aim at enhancing the strengths of the organization to give it a greater advantage over others. It includes the human resources, finances, physical resources, and experiences including what have worked in the past. Applying this to the National Commission for Civic Education, it can be said that the NCCE by its establishment by Act 452 of the parliament of Ghana gives its human resource the impetus to work without interruption or fear of reprisals. The NCCE therefore is in a position to connect citizens of Ghana within the administration of the state. Again, this framework spells out the functions of NCCE which makes working towards and achievement of goals possible. More so, the supposed non-political affiliation of its human resource is a strength in the achievement of its goals to objectively (without bias) provide its national obligation through civic education. The 2000 election marked the first time in Ghana’s history that citizens democratically elected a government thereby enforcing constitutional term limits and the first real step towards democratic consolidation. A process made possible with the help of the NCCE (NCCE, 2000) Weaknesses: This looks at the characteristics of the organization that places it at a disadvantage relative to others. These weaknesses must be identified and worked upon so that it doesn’t destroy the success of the organization. It includes the weaknesses with human resources, finances, physical resources, and experiences, including what have not worked in the past. Although, the NCCE is mandated to provide civic education, it still finds c... ... middle of paper ... ...esponsibility of educating the citizenry on their rights and responsibilities as stated by the constitution. Distant training of the human resource of the NCCE can allow for appropriate frequent training and communication among human resource of the commission. It therefore remains an available technological opportunity to the NCCE. Finally, energy crises in Ghana serve as an adverse environmental concern to the successful performance of NCCE activities. Taking all these macro and Micro environmental factors into consideration, a five year human resource plan needs to be formulated to ensure that the NCCE becomes very effective despite the weaknesses and threats it faces. In so doing, the strengths and opportunities of the NCCE would also be enhanced to contribute immensely to ensure high performance of its human resource and achievement of its goals and objectives.

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