Sweden vs. USA: A Woman's Right to Her Body

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Statistics on gender based educational success in the United States and Sweden are surprisingly similar; in most primary and secondary educational settings, females outperform males, achieving higher grades and test scores, and even becoming undergraduate students in larger numbers. It’s what changes after this series of educational success that truly marks the difference between the two nations. In Sweden, these well-educated women continue to succeed and are treated, both socially and on a legislative level, as individuals. In the United States, men and women are constantly separated, on a social and political level. The rights of women in Sweden are more consistent with the idea that citizens are treated as people rather than men and women. In terms of abortion, motherhood, birth control and sex education Sweden has more of an emphasis on gender equality as opposed to the US that treats women like a different entity that must be dealt with separately.

A problem that is faced in the United States is the fact that many men in power feel that it is under their jurisdiction to control the rights that women are entitled to in regards to their own bodies. Abortion is generally viewed as something that should be used only in the event of medical necessity. According to a New York Times/CBS News Poll, “Men are more likely than women to say they would like to see stricter limits placed on abortions while women prefer to keep abortion available as it is now”(Thee, 1). As it stands under federal law, women who are over 18 (and women who are under 18 with parental consent) are entitled to an abortion in the United States prior to fetal viability, which is when a fetus could survive outside of the womb. After that time, individual ...

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