Supply And Demand Of A Small Ice Cream Stand On Campus

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Supply and Demand It is inside of the human beings nature to trade with each other since their apparition there are million of years. From the middle age to nowadays societies, the use of the currency as mean of trade become popular among societies and more people were able to establish commerce of different articles. Having Decided to open a small ice cream stand on campus called “Ice-Campused” to apply my business and economical skill I noticed that there are days where ice creams remain unsold but other days where there are not enough ice creams for the number of customers. Knowing that Fluctuating Demand corresponds to the demand in the commerce sector, which rises and falls sharply in response to changing economic conditions and consumer spending patterns there are several factors, which cause the shifts in demand. First of all, the shift in demand can be caused by the demographic factor or number of buyer, which correspond in our case to the demographic number mainly represent by students present on the campus. Knowing that the volume of population gives us a very good indication of the market size available, it will be our most important factor causing the fluctuation of the demand because as we decided to install our business on campus the number of potential client will vary from day to day due to their schedule. For example it is obvious that during the post-exam and even exam period our small business will observe a pic of his activity because during that period of semester, the other campus activities such as the library are usually full with a high rate of participation. Therefore we can assume that our business will increase his activity at that time too. However, during the regular session of school where students ... ... middle of paper ... ...ises. Therefore, In the case of competing with another student on the market of ice-cream, it is clear that the price of ice-cream on our campus will falls from 1.50 to the new price and the quantity of ice-cream available will rises while the level of demand will stay unchanged. In conclusion, while the shift in demand curb can result from several sources, the quality of service, the tastes or even the number of buyer as presented here represent the main reason of the shifting price of an activity as the sell of ice-cream on campuses. As a businessman we should take in consideration those factors in order to be successful and trying to anticipate our rise or fall to stabilized our business. On another hand, keep in mind The most famous law in economics: “when the price of a good rises, the amount demanded falls, and when the price falls, the amount demanded rises.”

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