Superstitions In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Superstitions have been around for many centuries. Just like in Shirley Jackson’s, The Lottery, it is believed that, “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon”. Many of the superstitions that are common today have a colorful history that are not based on facts, but simply on perceptions and beliefs.. For example, walking under a ladders considered to bring bad luck. It tempts “Fates” and awakens spirits. However, this can be counteracted by placing a thumb between the index and middle finger and holding it for 5 seconds. Similar to superstitions, stereotyping is an age old problem of beliefs and perceptions. Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, challenged the typical stereotype that it is always the man that dies. Likewise, today’s stereotypes are being…show more content…
This a huge hurdle to conquer. It is still believed that women are second class to men. Therefore, society does not feel that a woman is capable of running the country. Also, Shirley Jackson exhibits scapegoating in, The Lottery. The act of simply heaving stones at a person to rid aggression and free the rest of the town from anger for another year is a prime example. Scapegoating allows for people to place blame for a mistake of others in order to escape the consequences of that act. An example of scapegoating today is America’s unemployment issues. Americans point the finger at illegal immigrants. Even though illegal immigrants are an issue, they do not prevent American job growth. Americans could easily obtain jobs; however, they do not desire the low paying jobs many immigrants hold. Likewise, traditions are historical customs shaped by perceptions. The lottery was held every June simply because it was a tradition. The town’s people did not flee the town because this is all they have ever known. Traditions come in many forms like family, cultural and religious. Traditions can also be fun and hold no real value. For example, every February 2, a groundhog emerges from his hole to see if
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