Summary Of The Story ' Sunday On The Park ' By Bel Kaufman

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Short Story "Sunday in the Park" People are diverse. In many different ways, such as look, color, race. Anyhow, when it comes to people status, which certainly creates huge differences. People encounter each other very often in public places, such as gas station, work, college, or public parks. Most of the time when people see or meet other people they treat others in a decent way. Nevertheless, the short story "Sunday in the Park" by Bel Kaufman is about a different scenario. The Author shows us several characters in the story are antagonists or protagonist, both among themselves as a family, and with others in different classes in the social society with a contrast behaviors. To start with, the author overwhelming use of characters within the story. The Author maintain to deal with the women character to show her dominating influence over her husband and child. In the story we are introduced to a female character who is the mother; she decides when or whether they have to leave the park or stay; occasionally, without saying anything. As an illustration, “Larry looked up at his mother, his mouth tentative; her expression would tell him whether to cry or not.” She decides whether to start a dispute or not; for example, “Her first instinct was to rush to her son, brush the sand out of his hair, and punish the other child, but she controlled it. She always said that she wanted Larry to learn to fight his own battles.” Kaufman 's. However, as the situation grew more serious, and it seemed it was a possibility of a clash, which was going to take place between the fathers in the story, which will disgrace her husband even more than her child, so it has to be stopped very quickly. The antagonist In Bel Kaufman 's story, was the parent... ... middle of paper ... ...d with such vulgar behavior with others. Therefore, we should teach our children to keep away from such people instead of mixing with them and learning their vulgarity. There was no other way of behavior for the educated father, but to respect himself and his family and walk away. For the mother she suffer from more problems than a single conflict between different class families. She is dominant, which makes her confrontational in countless settings in her life because she seeks perfection and that is a hard thing to get. The Author yield the Jungian Archetypes in his short story “They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures.” Wikipedia. Kaufman literature style is to differentiate his story characters and bring out the conflict them within them self’s.

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