Summary Of The Play 'The Crucible'

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The play I chose for my third play reading report is "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. Major Characters: John Proctor - Local farmer and the husband of Elizabeth Proctor Abigail Williams - Reverend Paris 's niece, the former servant of the Proctor 's, and the dancing girls group 's ring leader. Reverend John Hale - A reverend brought in who understands more about witches and witchcraft Reverend Paris - Salem 's reverend and Abigail 's uncle. Betty Paris - One of the girls in the forest and Reverend Paris 's daughter. Elizabeth Proctor - The wife of John Proctor Tituba - A black slave Giles Corey - Elderly farmer who is know for filing lawsuits Francis Nurse - A wealthy and well respected man in Salem. Judge Hawthorn - The judge who is convinced that rooting out this witchcraft is the right thing to do. Summary:…show more content…
Salem 's way of life is disrupted when a group of girls is caught by Reverend Paris, dancing in the forest with Tituba, a black slave. One of the girls, Betty, shrieks and falls into a coma like state. Not knowing what to do and suspecting witchcraft Reverend Paris calls on Reverend Hale, an expert in witchcraft, to come get to the bottom of things. Paris furiously questions his niece Abigail who led the girls into the forest about what happened and she insists that it was just dancing. Abigail meets with the other girls and tells them to keep quiet and to not admit to anything. A crowd gathers at Reverend Paris 's house to discover what had happened and Reverend Pars tries to calm them down. During this commotion John Proctor, a farmer who lives outside of the town, speaks with Abigail. Abigail had worked for Proctor but was fired when his wife suspected that they had engaged in an affair. Abigail still desires to be with Proctor and tells him so but Proctor shoots the idea down telling her to stop fooling around with the
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