Summary Of Helen Thorpe's Just Like Us

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Part Three of the book “Just Like Us” written by Helen Thorpe is comprised of illegal undocumented individuals residing in Denver Colorado. The individuals consist of a group of four Mexican young adults all with the dream of one day attending college and finally obtaining a legal status within the United States. In this portion of the readings, Yadira, Marisela, Clara, and Elissa are entering their senior year at their University and have defined the odds of successfully completing college while maintaining an illegal status. Helen Thorpe clearly demonstrates a passion in tracking individuals that are determined to become legal citizens within society; however, lack the proper advocacy and documentation to do so. Part Three of the book envelops the complexity of maintaining a legal status among society members through the lives of these four influential young ladies striving to achieve higher education in the …show more content…

The house that Alma currently lives in is impoverished with unfinished kitchen counters that are made of plywood. These are frequently standard living conditions for individuals that identify with a lower socio-economic status within society. Similar to her daughter Yadira, Alma and her husband Tomas are the corporate to the illegal status Yadira has inherited. The focal point that bridges the gap between legal and illegal status immigrants presents the opportunity when Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. By enacting the previous, Tomas has the ability to attain a legal status finally and receives the necessary assistance to do so from a ranch owner who currently employs him as a ranch hand. Due to the diligence and work ethic Tomas displays, he successfully earns his green card and later applies for legal status for his wife and children (Thorpe

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