Summary Of Benito Huerta's The Character Of All Modern And Contemporary Characters

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In Benito Huerta’s “The Character of all Modern and Contemporary Characters”, an oil on velvet painting, he utilizes elements such as color and texture to form the figures. As a matter of fact, the element that stood out the most is color. Beginning with the basic use of colors in areas such as, little red and yellow dots on the snakes back, the skies blue horizon line, small sections of blue on the female’s hair, both of the snakes yellow features including the mouth of one snake and the stomach of the other and the yellow crescent of the moon are the use of primary colors. He uses a limited amount of secondary color in a general area such as the grass below the female and the back of the snake seems green and a bit of orange on the head of the snake on the…show more content…
Some of the other objects on the ground are tertiary as well, but different colors. Many of the primary colors stated above have either an analogous or complementary relationship. The analogous colors used are yellow found on the mouth of the snake located on the ground and orange on the head of the snake. Furthermore the snake on the females back contains green and yellow making it another object with analogous colors. The use of the complementary colors red and green visible on the snake on the back of the female help the serpent stand out. His use in value of the colors in his work has mostly darker colors. The sky in the background, the trees and the grass are all uses of darker colors. Rarely are lighter colors seen in the painting. A pattern is evident as every area inclusive of light color contrasted by the darker area behind it repeated several times. Even some of the brighter colors have some black in them. The Painting has the lightest of colors seen only on the face of the female. Although

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