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David Strom had always dreamt of a different world. A more peaceful and accepting one than Waknuk, but to do so meant that he was going against the beliefs he was raised with. “Only the image of God is man”, “Keep pure the stock of the Lord”, “In purity our salvation”, “Watch for thou mutant”, “The norm is the will of God”, “Reproduction is the only holy production” and “The devil is the father of deviation” were all lessons that he was forced into memorizing. One day when was playing on the hills around Waknuk, he met a girl named Sophie. Sophie was a deviant, someone who does not abide by the normal image of man. Joseph Strom, David’s father, hated deviants. David didn’t understand why his father hated them so much. Sophie had six toes, but David didn’t care and decided to keep her secret from his father because she was his friend. David was going to protect Sophie. The people of Waknuk were terrified of any and all deviations because of a past event called Tribulation which wiped out the Old People, a human race who were advanced than Joseph’s era. Due to what Joseph’s dad, Elias Strom, believed they were all killed because God hated their ignorance of deviants and allowed them to live and make God’s pure stock tainted. David had a secret himself; he too was a deviant. David was a telepath and could talk to other telepaths with his mind, instead of his words. One day, his Uncle Axel discovered David’s secret. Uncle Axel was unlike other people and made the choice to protect David and his friends. However, not everyone was as kind as Uncle Axel. While playing in a creek, David’s friend Alan finds out that Sophie has six toes and reports her to the inspector. The inspector is the man who judges whether someone is a “normal” and ... ... middle of paper ... ...hat, they all will eventually die. “The essential quality of life is living, the essential quality of living is change; change is evolution; we are part of it.” The group realizes that they are part of the future or the present that the citizens of Sealand were already living in. David, Rosalind and Petra arrive at Sealand. David automatically recognizes the futuristic world because it was realistic version of his dreams! Petra under all the excitement, lost control again and sent a headache to everyone in the city. “Oh sorry,” Petra apologized to the ship’s crew and to the city in general, “but it is awfully exciting.” “This time, darling, we’ll forgive you,” Rosalind told her. “It is.” Rosalind and David started a blissful relationship and Petra was considered a genius. They all lived happily ever after in the wondrous city of Sealand. Works Cited The chrysalids
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