Steve Nobles Analysis

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To Kill or Not to Kill
Was Jonathan Wayne Nobles rehabilitated? We will never know. Steve Earle wrote “A Death in Texas”. Earle was a country musician who spent his own time in prison for drug charges, Earle was rehabilitated and let out to join society again. Exchanging letters with convicted murderer Jonathan Wayne Nobles for 10 years, Earle finally met Nobles for the first time just a month before he was killed by lethal injection. Jonathan Wayne Nobles, was a power seeking manipulating narcissist who broke into a home and knifed to death two young ladies, and attempting to kill a young man, stabbing him 19 times. There was no problem with conviction, Nobles confessed to the murders. Nobles started out having a rough childhood, he attempted
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Manipulators can have various motivations for what they do like, lying or the want and need to feel in control. Nobles was good at manipulating others. In “A Death in Texas” it says, Nobles looks around to make sure no guards are looking, as he pushes a tiny slip of tightly rolled paper, the diameter of a toothpick, through mesh to Steve Earle, knowing that it was illegal Earle still took the paper. Nobles said that they were going to strip search him before he went in to be executed, and was afraid he couldn’t remember his daughters number. Although, Nobles could recite a long list of scriptures from the book of Corinthians and could remember word for word from the scriptures, I believe he could’ve remembered his daughters phone number. Also, he wanted to be buried in Oxford, England, so he was trying to talk one of his pen pals named Pam Thomas to get permission from a land owner in England to let him be buried…show more content…
Narcissism is a strong sense of self-importance, they are arrogant, have low empathy, the liking for leadership and authority, self-admiration, and a tendency to exploit or manipulate others. Nobles was all of that and some. Jonathan Wayne Nobles benefited for acting like he was rehabilitated. He wanted people to treat him better and with respect, so therefore acting as if he was rehabilitated got him better treatment. Nobles could walk around the prison and not be stuck in his cell all day, he became friends with the Catholic clergy, then became a lay member of the order and was then able to minister to his fellow
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