Staying At The Hospital For Those Two Weeks

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Not only did I have to stay at the hospital for those two weeks, I had to endure another two weeks at home. You might think it’d be a pleasure to stay out of school, just laying around in bed with no worries in the world. No, I had worries; lots of worries.

The first few days were splendid. I just laid in bed with the TV on every so often. I didn’t even need to worry about my sister. She was over at her friend’s house for the weekend. With no worries about my sister bothering me about playing with her, or me getting in trouble because of her bright ideas, I had the best two-day weekend ever.

Well, it ended as soon as it began, as my sister never showed up on Monday. We called the parents of her friend, but they never answered. Mom even went over to their house in a frenzy. She couldn’t find her, and you know what was even weirder? Mom couldn’t even find the house that sat at the corner of our street. Well, I wished that’s how it happened.

My sister came home Sunday night with the widest grin on her face. The true terror of my time off was caused all by her. If I didn’t know better, I would think the devil got reincarnated as my sister. She can’t be all that bad, I hear you say. Trust me, she is the epitome of evil. The perfect devil daughter, if you want to give her a name.

Last week, before we set out on our trip, she played pranks on me every day. Monday, she set up plastic wrap around the bottom of the doorway so I tripped over. Tuesday, she did the same thing, but she took the plastic wrap and wrapped it around the top of the door. Of course, I didn’t think she’d try the same trick twice. I walked right into it, I guess you can say.

Oh, oh. On Wednesday, during our early morning breakfast before school, she got...

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...nocked on the door. Almost immediately, the door swung open. I could see the smirk on her face, even though the room had lighting at all.

“What can I do for you, big bro?” She asked in that annoying little tone of hers. She has only ever used it when she knows something has turned for the better, in her case, at least.

“I need help with my math homework,” I replied hesitantly. I half expected a laugh and half expected the door in my face. However, I was shocked to see the door open wider. She walked over to the desk and moved the chair over to the bed. She laid down as she motioned me to sit down.

To save you a lot of time, my sister helped me solve none of the problems I had. Instead, I had to give my opinion on multiple issues she has. My favorite is whether or not she should ask Derek out on a date or not. It definitely wasn’t one of her better conversations…

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