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Statistics Experiment Statistics Hypothesis- In my investigation I plan to find out whether my theory that year 10 pupils are better at estimating the length of a stick than year 7 pupils. Plan- In my investigation I plan to use secondary data gathered from both year 7 and year 10 pupils, which I will then do a random sample of which will be used to find the mean, median, mode, range as well as standard deviation which I will then put into groups and frequency tables to compare and from this I will hopefully be able to come to a conclusion. Aim- I am hoping to find if the statement that year 10 pupils are better at estimating length than year 7 pupils is true and find different ways of proving this. I am hoping to find a mean for the both groups to compare where I will hope to find that the year 10 mean is closer to the actual value (1.36m) than year 7 pupils and this I hope will help me come to a fair conclusion. I am also hoping to find the standard deviation for both groups and hope to find that year 10 pupils will have a smaller standard deviation than the year 7 pupils because I believe it is more reliable because it shows less range which means all of the pupils have answered fairly similarly because a wide range means people where miles away with their guessing. Sampling- I will number each piece of raw data and then I will use the random search on my calculator. I will have to use a sampling because there is too much data to work with and it will be random to make it fair. Because I will use a random sample I will need to find a certain number of the population that I will randomly choose.

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