Specifi Arturo Jasso: The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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The so-called American Dream can be defined as the belief in the freedom that allows all citizens and US residents to achieve their life goals, enjoy the choice between different lifestyles, have equal access to economic wealth, and pursue shared and beneficial for both the individual and society objectives. The origin of the pursuit of the American Dream can be found in various causes; one of these is the lack of opportunities in their home country, ie, cannot achieve their dreams in their own country. This results in selling the few belongings they have: their house, their little bit of land, and in most cases the great treasure of all is human, his family. Another cause is the facility available to reach the United States ranging from mounted on a "yola", leave as merchandise on boats to buy a famous machete, which have to impersonate someone else and throw their identity on the floor. As a result the vast majority are deceived again and again, others return home as deportees and prisoners condition; Finally, in the worst case, they die trying to live the American dream reality that it has sold. Stories of the United States have attracted many immigrants to the United States shores and borders. They have heard of many economic opportunities that they can find here, and they want to make their own version of the American dream. This essay is a…show more content…
According to his autobiographical story, "El Otro", photos and stories of the World War in Life magazine attracted Jasso to the United States to be an aviator in the armed forces and fight against the Japanese. These "dreams of glory" (19) Jasso had in his youth directed him to this country to try and live alone. Although the experience Jasso had in the Air Force was different from what he had dreamed after reading those magazines while in Mexico, this still headed him in the direction of his last career as a
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