Socio-Social Class Differences In The Movie To Kill A Mockingbird

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The world is and has always been categorized by many different aspects including the amount of income someone receives, or the color of someone’s skin. These categories are broken up into several different Socio-Economic classes, determined by the economic conditions of someone. People tend to judge and disrespect others of different class rank or race. Whichever class someone belongs to determines the lifestyle and standard of living of the individual. Not only are social class differences a big part in classifying today’s world, but social class differences were of greater impact on the people of the in the south during the 1930s. There are many different ways to categorize the people of the 1930s south and apply those categories to movies …show more content…

The movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a good example of how socio-economic class differences clash into non reality. There are a variety of different economic classes throughout this movie that relates to life as it was in the south during the 1930s. The major aspects that disperse the people in the movie into different social classes are race, gender, and profession. For example, Atticus and his kids are a part of the highest social class because Atticus is a well respected lawyer which makes him part of the the highest profession in the community. Being the highest social class in the community, Atticus and his kids must treat others of lower class with integrity. A good example of this is when Walter Cunningham is invited to dinner by Jem, assuming the Cunningham’s were of a lower class based on the fact that Mr. Cunningham paid Atticus with a sack of goods instead of money. When Walter was eating and soaked his food in syrup, scout was rude to Walter and was punished because for being disrespectful to people of a lower class. Mrs. Dubose would be an example of a middle class citizen. The main reason she is not of a highest class is because of the way she treats the people around her .If she were in the same social class as Atticus then she would respect the people in her community. The Cunningham family would represent the lower social class because they borrow money and recompense it back with farm substances instead of cash. The Ewell’s would classify as the lowest social class because they are poor, rude, and have no aspiration to work. Even though Calpurnia has all good aspects of a decent lady and is well respected throughout the community, she is still considered to be part of this class as well because she is African American. Calpurnia would most likely be considered part of Atticus’s social class if she were

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