Social Darwinism in the 1920s and the Movie College by Buster Keaten

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The idea of Social Darwinism influenced Americans, especially during early 1920’s. The idea of the survival of the fittest is showing that the body is more important to fit in society. Also, the physical fitness is considered as the key of success and a way to fit in society, if someone is not physically fit he will be isolated. The movie “College” (1927) by Buster Keaton, presents the idea of physical culture in college life and how fitness is a key of success which leads efficiency in society. During the 1920’s people thought that if the body is fit it is going to reflect to the mind and if there is fitness in society it is going to result efficiency in society. This idea resulted a society that focuses in physical training more than the mind. As the movie shows, Jeff, the athletic guy is the most popular guy in the school because he is physically fit and all girls are around him. He also got the audience’s attention and the boys were supporting him while he received his certificate because he was an athletic champion. However, Buster, the “mama’s boy”, who does not care about the sports and all his focuses in books and studies, is acting like a crazy guy who does not know anything about life from wearing clothes to opening an umbrella. He also, does not have any popularity between his schoolmates because he was against physical he did not involve in sports. During that time, everyone who was against sports and physical culture is considered as a lagged person. Also, if someone does not support or involved in sport, he will be isolated from the society. Buster faced his first isolation when he started to talk about books and studying while showing that he was against sports and feels that people won’t benefit from sports, becau... ... middle of paper ... ...ry hitch and hurdle and reached the room and start fighting with Jeff until he ran away. While trying to save Mary he was doing everything that he could not do before like: hitting the balls in baseball, jogging, high jumping and javelin. In that moment Mary realized that being fit is not everything. Then they decided to get married, at the end of the movie it shows that Mary was reading a book with Buster and that means the period of Social Darwinism reached its end. To sum up, Social Darwinism influenced American society so that it reached its education and became part of their culture by making the fitness is a key of success in a period of time. The movie “College” presented it in a way the impact of Social Darwinism in the American society especially in a college life. Showing Buster married Mary by using his fitness presented how fitness is a key of success.

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