Slaughterhouse Five Negative Effects Of War

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In the novels Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and Wounded by Eric Walters, it is demonstrated that PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder) can have detrimental effects towards a person and their loved ones. These effects and struggles are not directly visible. Although many soldiers go home from the war without any physical harm, it does not mean they are not wounded. In some scenarios, people believe that surviving the war is worse than dying in combat and this is because of the prolonged suffering of emotions, guilt and memories. This is shown in both novels through the effects war has on a soldier’s behavior, their mental state, and the struggles that are bestowed upon their families.
When comparing the two novels Slaughterhouse-Five
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In Slaughterhouse - Five, Kurt Vonnegut becomes desensitized. In one scene, he witnesses a gruesome scene, and his secretary asked if it bothered him, he replies saying that he “seen lots worse than that in the war” (Vonnegut 9-10). This symbolizes and shows how he has been accustomed to more gruesome scenes. The scene itself would have a traumatic impact on an ordinary person, so how is Kurt impacted when he has witnessed gruesome scene’s that are incomparable? Marcus’ father feels that he is in a normal state and that his behavior is okay. Although Marcus and his mother suggest consulting a therapist, he believes counseling is unnecessary because he is fine. Marcus’ father has experienced and witnessed many horrors in war. He states “You have no idea how light a kids arm is until you’re holding it in your hands.” (Walters 215). Soldiers must endure these visions in their mind. To be immune to these memories would be abnormal. Secondly, soldiers feel that death would bring peace to them. This is shown in Slaughterhouse Five because Billy Pilgrim faces depression. He “didn’t really like life at all.”(Vonnegut 102). This shows that although he is a survivor, life meant nothing because of what he must live with. He would welcome death because it would put him out of his misery and endless torture. Mr. Campbell from the novel…show more content…
Not only are they suffering, but loved ones associated with these victims also share the suffering. Loved ones must stay aside with these soldiers and must live with the fact that these victims will never be the same. They are hopeless because they cannot help them and although they care, they must keep distant. Kurt Vonnegut shares a bad relationship with his wife. He drives his wife “away with a breath like mustard gas and roses.” (Vonnegut 4). In this text, he is referring to his alcoholic breath. This shows a lack of romance and connection because these victims wish to be left alone. In the book Wounded, Marcus’ father becomes abusive to his wife. “My father would never hit my mother” (Walters 212). This also symbolizes that his father is not behaving normally and that he is a different person because of PTSD. War has had an impact on the love in his relationship and has lead to a damaged relationship with his life partner. Another party being affected is the children of soldiers. Billy Pilgrim’s daughter name Barbara “thought that her father was senile…because of damage to his brain”(Vonnegut 28). This demonstrates how family that is associated with the victim make an attempt to rescue them from the everlasting torment but are pushed away because these victims feel that they are not different. Although Barbara fulfills her duty as
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