Situation Analysis And Problem Statement: Global Communications

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Situation Analysis and Problem Statement: Global Communications


Problems or challenges are inevitable part of any business environment. In fact, many business organizations have to make critical decisions on a routine or daily basis. These decisions are essential to their operation and may have a huge impact on their organization’s financial health. Global Communications is a financially struggling telecommunications company faced with these decisions. They have developed a strategic plan to revitalize their company, however, their communication of the plan to key stakeholders within the organization was lacking. They now face the task of repairing their relationship with the Technologies Workers Union and their employees. However, they have put their employees at risk for job dissatisfaction possible resulting in low productivity and high turnover. Ultimately, these factors could negatively impact customer service and can lead to loss of business and revenue for the organization. By implementing positive change management practices and developing value added channels of communication, Global Communications has the opportunity to align key stakeholders under a common vision. By doing this they can achieve organizational comprehension and employee involvement that results in the garnering of trust and loyalty among stakeholders.

Describe the Situation

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications is a financially struggling telecommunications company. Its stock has depreciated fifty percent in three years. Currently, the organization is faced with too much competition within the telecommunications industry. Local, long-distance and international markets are all competing for the same business. In addition, the industry suffered a huge blow at the hands of the cable companies, who stepped in to provide complete solutions encompassing computers, televisions and plain old telephone service (POT).

Senior Management at Global Communications has developed a plan to revitalize the organization.
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