Similarities Between Jurassic World And Jurassic World

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Jurassic World, a film about a theme park experiment gone wrong, brings dinosaurs back bigger and better than before. It was released in June of 2015, directed by Colin Trevorrow, the movie made 1.67 billion dollars in box office sales. The movie is an action packed science fiction/thriller that keeps the audience glued to the screen. Jurassic World is an iconic movie that brings back the theme from the original movie which shows the human power struggle against nature. The movie makes very many parallels to the original films, and the film makes use of modern day technology to present certain issue throughout the film.
Jurassic World is a theme park resort that sits on an island named Isla Numblar. This is the same island from the original
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The same power struggle is present in both films, but there are more parallels than that. A major point of Jurassic Park is that life is controlled by the chaos theory, that nothing can ever be consistent. In Jurassic Park, a character names Ian Malcolm, drops two drops of water on another character’s hand and it shows that two drops will never go the same way. In Jurassic World blood drops from the Indominus Rex and lands on a soldier’s hand (Jurassic World). When this occurs the drops go in two different directions making a direct parallel to the chaos theory in Jurassic Park. The director is making the point that the Indominus Rex is the physical example of the chaos theory in the film. This is a perfect example of how Jurassic World takes the theme of the original movie and extends it. There are many other parallels in the film that show, but this example is the most important to the message of the film itself. Another example of Jurassic World reflecting the attitudes of the other movies is during the last ending scene. In Jurassic Park 3, many fans were disappointed that the T-Rex was killed off by the Spinosaurus. As a result, during the last battle at the end of Jurassic World the T-Rex smashes a skeleton of a Spinosaurus to show that the T-Rex is back on top. It shows that the director of the film deliberately made connections to the other films to please…show more content…
First of all, the original Jurassic Park film did not use much of CGI for making the dinosaurs; there was very little and made up a mere few minutes within the movie. All of the dinosaurs crafted were animatronics props, which made more expenses for the film but made the dinosaurs themselves look more realistic to the audience (Jurassic Park Trivia). In Jurassic World, CGI is used because there are rarely any films that don’t use CGI and it is less costly to the budget of the film, not to mention less time consuming to make. Jurassic World also has many representations of modern culture that we experience every day. For example, it makes the example that corporations are pushing the Jurassic World genetic scientist to create dinosaurs’ fasters so that big corporations can sponsor and make profit off of the new attractions. The continuing pressure from corporations ended up creating a problem because the dinosaurs that were modified inherited many unpredictable behaviors. Back when the original film was released pressure from corporations were never the issue. It was actually the opposite; Jurassic Park was trying to promote itself by wanting corporations to give approval. Another modern issue that Jurassic World touches is the pressure to always outdo the last show. Just like modern-day smart phone

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