Similarities Between Doretha Lange And Alfred Stieglitz

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Doretha Lange's work has characteristic traits of a lost age. when a broad swath of the mass media was profoundly concerned with social issues. She saw herself firstly as a journalist and secondly as an artist, creating photojournalism. Doretha Lange worked with a fairly high desire to affect society by changing and informing the citizens within the society of the suffering.
Alfred Stieglitz was an American photographer and modern art promoter. Alfred Stieglitz was very instrumental over his fifty-year career in making photography an accepted art form (The Art Story). Unlike Doretha Lange, Alfred Stieglitz tried making photography an art. Alfred Stieglitz once said that photography was not just about the subject of the picture, but the manipulation …show more content…

After reading about Alfred Stieglitz and photography in form of an art, I believe that photography is indeed a form of art. Also photography is the most raw form of art there is. By using photography and a form of an art, it captures pictures in which are caught in the natural, raw moment of life, which doesn't get more realistic than that. All the details and depictions are in one picture in raw and most of the time, unedited form. The similarities between both Doretha Lange and Alfred Stieglitz would be that they are both very well known artists.
Emerging first in the milieu of Pictorial photography, Stieglitz sought to gain recognition for his medium by producing effects that paralleled those found in other fine arts such as painting. Many of his peers resorted to elaborate re-touching to create an impression of the handmade, but Stieglitz relied more on compositional effects and mastery of tone, often concentrating on natural effects such as snow and steam to create qualities similar to those of the Impressionists.
Stieglitz's early work often balances depictions of soft, ephemeral, natural processes with motifs drawn from American industry. Romantic in spirit, he was troubled yet fascinated by the rise of American power and sought to soften its apparent brutality by cloaking it in

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