Similarities And Differences Between George And Lennie

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In Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, the central storyline revolves around the protagonists, George Milton and Lennie Small, and is set in the Great Depression era which depicts the socio-economic conditions and hardships of that time. Steinbeck’s characterization of George and Lennie is quite significant; though they travel together and it would be logical to think of them as an inseparable duo due to their similar characteristics, it is also their differences that originally conjoined them and has kept them together. It is this relationship between George and Lennie, with regards to their similarities, such as their evident mutual reliance, mutual acceptance and desire, and similar positions in society, as well as differences, like the…show more content…
One of the quintessential differences between them is the evident imbalance of administrative power amongst themselves. Undoubtedly, Lennie would not be able to survive alone, and thus needs George to order and control his life. Surely, this is for the benefit of Lennie, since George is the patriarchal figure throughout their journey. This is displayed when Lennie was in a fight with Curley, the impudent son of the boss they worked for, and afterwards George consoled Lennie and told him that “it ain’t your don’t need to be scairt no more” (65). In that mere dialogue, it displayed who possesses the real knowledgeable power, and who was the real leader of the duo, and it is George. Moreover, another distinguishing difference are their powers in different strengths. Lennie possess limited intellectual ability, he may even be slightly mentally challenged, yet he has tremendous physical power, whereas George lacks the physique of Lennie, but in comparison is much more intelligent. It is also this contrast which has connected them to remain together throughout all their struggles. In addition, it is their intertwined partnership which has allowed them to face and solve all the problems they have faced and perhaps even ultimately lead them to succeed in their endeavours. Thus, it can be seen that they are together due to their differences. Furthermore, there is a difference between them in their level of reliance of companionship–also referred to as their power of self-dependability. Though George treats and sees Lennie as not only a companion who has been through many things, there is also a parental aspect which has given him an unconditional care for Lennie. Likewise, Lennie also heavily relies on George. However, there must be distinguishment between the level of reliance. Though George has extreme care towards
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