Should We Fear Death In Some Puzzles About The Evil Of Death

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Should we fear death because it is bad or not fear non-existence? According to Fred Feldman, death is bad for a person when it deprives that person of good things that would have happened if he had lived. John Doe died due to an accident he had with a trolley. Doe’s death is bad because of the near possible world, the deprivation approach, and his premature death. It’s also considered bad because we may love life. The first reason to why death may be bad is because of a near possible world. A near possible world is a scenario where John would still be alive. This is then compared to when he is dead and we calculate his welfare level for each world. The calculation is called D3. For example: Doe’s welfare level at death is at plus two-hundred.…show more content…
In the book, Some Puzzles About the Evil of Death, it states that, “According to the most popular anti-Epicurean view, death is bad for a person primarily because it deprives him of certain goods, the goods he would have enjoyed if he had not died (Feldman).” This is known as the deprivation approach. In this situation, Doe would be deprived of good things such as marriage, having kids, meeting his grandkids, and etc. This is bad for Doe because he won’t be able to experience this when he ceases to exist. Also, the deprivation approach is important because it changes our perspective. If we know that death is bad, then we want to have as much of these goods as possible. Taking away Doe’s goods is like imprisoning an innocent man it is morally wrong. I believe that the deprivation approach is important because it sides with Feldman’s argument. It is a key reason why we should fear death and be aware of what we will be missing out on. We should cherish every second of our lives if we know that we are deprived of these…show more content…
A premature death is bad at all times. In this case dying at a young age is bad. Premature death is bad due to the fact that he didn’t get to live long enough. Feldman gives an example of what he thinks. “The real tragedy here is not that he died exactly at t, or that he died as a result of being shot by Ivan; the real tragedy is that he died so young. Thus, P5 should be the focus of our attention (Feldman).” This scenario that occurred is similar to Doe’s death. It was a misfortune that he died relatively young. We should look at p5 and compare that with world five His welfare level would have been higher in world five and this is why premature death may be bad. He could have lived a long and happy life if he didn’t die
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