Should The Arts Be Successful For Helping Students Develop Their Minds?

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It has been a topic of debate whether the mind is a blank slate upon a human beings arrival into this world. Whether it is or is not, one thing that all have agreed on is that the mind requires developing throughout that human’s life cycle. It has often been said that the arts provide great benefit to the developing of the human mind, a statement which has brought about many years of research. Yet, due to budget cuts and limited resources, many schools have removed the arts from their curriculum, a move which many believe will actually hinder the education of the students who must attend those schools. From kindergarten to even the collegiate level, a school’s purpose is believed to be: to help students develop their minds well enough to thrive in the so-called “real world,” and in the careers that students may choose to pursue after they have moved beyond schooling years. According to the research provided on the arts, if a school is to be successful in helping students develop their minds fully, music, theater, and art education must be an important part of every school’s curriculum, as they are appear essential to learning and to the mind’s development. Certainly it has been proven that an important part of a student’s education is the core curriculum that they receive. By definition, learning is acquiring knowledge or skills by being taught or from studying. Usually this type of learning involves teaching already known methods, past events, and already created rules, and then asking students to study them for memorization. So important are these methods that public schools have always been required to teach the core curriculum based on school tests that take place at the end of each school year, and now a “common core”... ... middle of paper ... ... being, students will not thrive in life beyond their school years, or in their careers. Schools are meant to prepare students to be able to do such but without the essential mental development that music, theater, and art education provides, schools will be unable to be successful in helping students to develop their minds fully, making the arts an important thing to have in school. With all of the positive things that the arts bring to a student’s mind, schools should have always realized the value of art education. Budget recently forced cuts, but cutting costs should never meant cutting education. Many politicians, including President Obama, many organizations, and even concerned parents and students understand the importance of music, theater, and art in schools. Years of research on the subject provide proof that schools should see the importance, as well.
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