Shakespeare’s Significance in Macbeth

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Shakespeare is well known for including symbolism in his plays to increase interest to those who watch or read the plays. Blood imagery is essential to Macbeth; it portrays guilt for various reasons, regret and remorse and the evil thoughts of characters, can all be observed through blood imagery. Blood imagery signifies all the emotions and thoughts of the characters in Macbeth, proving that we must think before we act.
The play Macbeth incorporates blood imagery to represent the guilt of crimes done by Macbeth and his wife. It provides a deeper understanding, of the guilt from murder. Guilt of murder is present in, “[y]et here’s a spot.” (William, Shakespeare, 5, 1, 29). Lady Macbeth sees blood all over her hand. Guilt is taking over her mind, making her subconsciously understand that she should not have done such a crime. The blood represents the fact that what she did, will never be gone and it will haunt her throughout her whole life. Secondly, Shakespeare portrays guilt created from regicide through blood imagery. Guilt of regicide is evident through, “[w]ill all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood/[c]lean from my hand?” (2, 2, 77-78). Betraying the king is horrific act, but killing the king is even worse. Macbeth, having done such a crime feels as if his crime cannot be hidden or forgotten. Through the blood imagery we see how guilty Macbeth feels, because he thinks that all oceans put together cannot wash off the blood on his hand. In other words his crime cannot be washed away from his mind. Another, guilt that can be proven through blood imagery, is the guilt of betraying a friend. Guilt of betrayal is shown through,” [t]hy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold.”(3, 4, 115). Macbeth’s guilt of killing his friend has ...

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...o such thing: /It is the bloody business which informs me/ Thus to mine eyes. “(2,1 , 53-56.) As Macbeth gets ready for the evil deed of regicide, his conscience is making him feel guilty, but it still does not stop him from committing the crime. It proves the characteristics of Macbeth, overambitious and very wicked.

Overall, blood imagery is one of the most significant imageries, which portrays the evil feelings of characters, proving that consequences of one’s actions should be reviewed before taking action. Shakespeare uses blood imagery to portray the feeling of guilt for wrong doing. Regret and evil thoughts can be understood through the use of blood imagery. Macbeth is a play that uses several imageries to help readers understand characters, emotions and key events.

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