Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream is An Elizabethan Era Play with a Greek Twist

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An Elizabethan Era Play with a Greek Twist William Shakespeare wrote the play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, sometime in the 1590's. The play, a romantic comedy, portrays the adventures of four young lovers, an amateur actor's group, their interactions with a Duke and Duchess, and with fairies in a moonlit forest. Although Shakespeare used certain themes in this play to portray Greek aspects, the reflection of Elizabethan England is dominant in several different ways. Shakespeare's use of fairies, the way women are treated, and the use of a class system in this play are all perfect examples of how very Elizabethan this beloved tale actually is. The Elizabethan era was approximately 1558-1603. During this period of time, the idolization of fairies was very popular. This is evident in A Midsummer Night?s Dream. Shakespeare introduces to his readers a group of fairies that delights everyone with their heartwarming antics. These enchanting and mischievous fairies are a product of the times that Shakespeare grew up in. The fairies that the people of the Eliz...
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