Shake Down The Thunder Summary

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For as long as I can remember I have been a Notre Dame football fan. My father is to credit for getting me into it. He brought us to South Bend a couple of time for some games and I was just amazed by the campus and the history of the football program, so it was no surprise that I chose this particular book. Shake Down The Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football was written by a man named Murray Sperber who was a sports writer interested on why fans were so into college football. Because of his interest Sperber decided to go around the country to certain college campuses to do research on this. He started with the University of Notre Dame because he was aware of the history and the passion of their football program, he was also aware of the appreciation Notre Dame had from their fans. This book deals with they history of Notre Dame football including the nation championships, the players, the coaches, and the program itself. It explains exactly what happened thought out its history, the reality behind the myths so to speak. Notre Dame was very kind to Murray Sperber in that he was given many privileges that other authors of books …show more content…

The University of Notre Dame is home countless football legends including Knute Kockne, Frank Leahy, Joe Montana, Ara Parsegan and many more. Many people say that early Notre Dame football made college football what it is today. Shake Down the Thunder does not really have anything to do with physical activity; it simply is a book describing the history and the beginning of an epic college football program. It does, however, give us a better understanding the world of sport because it discusses some of the origins of sports. In this particular case it discusses the origin of Notre Dame

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