Seventeenth Facts About The Great Gatsby

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1. Gatsby’s uncut books / Nick’s unread books Many books in Gatsby’s house were unread. Because most of them was just for his show. So, Nick was surprised when he found that those books are real. He thought those books might just a model. On the contrary to Gatsby, Nick has much less books than Gatsby. However, he actually read books. At the end of this book, Nick seems little sad that he couldn’t read more books in Gatsby’s house. 2. Wolfsheim’s cufflinks The Wolfsheim’s cufflinks tells us that he can’t be part of society easily. Those cufflinks which made of real teeth were not acceptable easily to people in the society by that time. The use of human teeth tends to emphasize the mixture of sophistication and barbarism which represents the character of Wolfsheim. 3. Gatsby’s car / Gatsby’s clothes Gatsby’s car and Gatsby’s clothes simply represent him and his lifestyle. His white flannel, silver shirt, and gold tie represent his wealth. It is always hard to keep flannel white. To keep it clean, it requires the number of laundry and it tells his wealth. The silver shirt and gold tie represent his wealth as well. Not many people can get silver shirt and gold tie by that time. His car is depicted as big yellow car. It is unusual to have a big car during the time period in this book. The car is also depicted shiny car which tells us his wealth to clean up periodically. 4. Tom Buchanan pushing people around / Tom Buchanan quoting things “he’s read“ Through entire of this book, Tom Buchanan is described as one who is arrogant to others. Both of those two quote are represent Tom’s personality. Tom Buchanan is one who likes to underestimate others and mocked them. 5. The faded timetable (showing the names of Gats... ... middle of paper ... ... the word ‘white’ used many times to depict Daisy such as her car, room, and clothes. Also, many adjectives used to describe her were white. This ‘white’ supposedly refers her innocence. The irony is that she is depicted as a selfish and careless woman through the relationship between two men and her. This could be either that the author wants to emphasize of her guilty or that the author wants us to tell the possibility of changing of personality. 17. Green (color) Generally, people thinks that ‘green’ represents the plants or earth. In this book, ‘green’ represents an ideal world that Nick wants to live. Nick is one who traveled around to have better life. For example, he moves Midwest to West where he met Gatsby. At the end, he is tired with it, and decided to go back to Midwest. ‘Green’ also represents spring which refers the new beginning or hope.

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