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Book Report - Sense and Sensibility 1.) In Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, the title is a metaphor for the two main characters Elinor and Marianne. Elinor represents sense and Marianne represents sensibility.We find out early that Elinor does not share her feelings. When Edward comes into the story, there was an immediate attraction. She tells no one of her feelings. It was just assumed that they are meant for each other. When Edward has to leave, Elinor says nothing.

Edward does promise he will come down and give Margaret an atlas. When the atlas comes and not Edward, the one who ends up crying was Margaret and not Elinor. We do learn, however, that Elinor can get emotional too. When Marianne was playing the piano at their new cottage, Elinor cries as she listens. She said the song was her late father's favorite. Later on in the story, Marianne kept on nagging Elinor for not sharing her feelings.

Finally, Elinor shows her emotions by telling her that she did have a broken heart after she found out that Edward had a fiancee - Lucy. Elinor would definitely represent sense. She keeps her thoughts to herself. Maybe it is because she thinks she will not end up hurting so bad as Marianne did.

Marianne, on the other hand, represents sensibility. She follows her heart. She does not let anything come in the way of showing her emotions. When she first met Colonel Brandon, it is obvious that he was in love with her at first sight.

Marianne, shows very clear that she was not interested in such an old man like him. However, when Marianne meets Willoghby, it was like a hero rescuing his princess. They fall in love with each other. Marianne does not hide her emotions about Willoughby to anyone, However, in the society that they were in, Willoughby did not think he could marry Marianne because of the social class. In the end, this almost kills Marianne.

As Marianne realizes that the Colonel has always been there, she falls in love with him. 2.) My favorite character is Colonel Brandon. I think in a way he is very much like Elinor. He does not show his emotions a whole lot, but he does talk to people about his problems.

There were so many instances when he asks Elinor about the relationship between Marianne and Willoughby. He was always depressed to hear and to know that there was no way of getting his lover from Willoughby. However, that does not stop his ...

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...old. I also learned that when things do not turn out the way we expected, or when things all the sudden turn down-side, we should react with calmness and composure and not just cry and burst out with our immediate feelings. Patience is the keyword.

With patience it is much easier to deal with painful situations. Most of the time, it turns out pretty well if you can think optimistically'. J6.) Yes, I am glad I read this book because it is one of the well-known classics. I see no harm only benefits in reading a book. Sense and Sensibility has given me a better understanding of the women and lifestyle during that time-period. Most of the women back then are pretty much like Elinor and Marianne.

Education for them wasn't viewed as highly as now. It seems their parents just want to marry them off to some rich and upper class man so that they may lead a luxurious life without bothering their parents anymore. Also, women back then are a lot more artistic than women now. Most of them play the piano "really" well; if not, they have some sort of other artistic talents. Personally, I'm glad I am born late in this century. I do not know how I could survive if I lived back then!!

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