Secure Personal Data Servers: a Vision Paper

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Secure Personal Data Servers: a Vision Paper

Nowadays, almost all companies and admirations are depending on storing data in central servers in order to make it easy for users to access their personal data. A huge amount of personal data is collected to servers in various fields such as hospitals, insurance corporations, organizations, etc. Because of the convent these servers provide, many people are requesting from internet companies to store their data and make it reliable and accessible through the internet in several platforms all the time. Moreover, the amount number of information systems constantly collecting personal data on servers is growing very fast. Most advanced countries are using some systems that relay mainly on centralization such as Electronic Health Record systems, vehicle and public tracking systems, systems applying e-government procedures for instance, scholarship folders, identity cards, social security covers, income taxes, and etc. Besides, people need to deal with these applications in a daily life because of the way companies, businesses and governments enforcing them in their systems. As a matter of fact, people expect their data to be available in the Internet all the time and easy to manage. Many of these applications are provided to the users for free and not requiring the user to be a computer expert to use it. Meanwhile, the amount of digital user data is growing such as bank statements, insurance forms and phone bill. Generally, main servers will keep a copy of these personal data and send a secondary copy to the user, which is end up in servers in order to make it convince for users to access anytime. However, these benefits that centralize servers provide are primari...

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...MS. Furthermore, it is important to sign the documents themselves in order to demonstrate that they are authenticated. PKI infrastructure is implemented to make the predefined access control policies trusted by authenticating all users.

Figure 6: PDS generic software, application, and database

This paper proposed totally a new way of securing personal data. Proposing an intuitive approach of giving a user a full control of managing and sharing his sensitive data. Hopefully, the appearance of this new device is going to open up new horizons of protecting and managing of users’ personal data. In fact, this new vision proposed in this paper is considered as the first proposal in this direction. This paper clearly addresses the initial design of Personal Data Server (PDS) and explains in details some important obstacles that associated to it [8].
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