Sec 215 Week 1 Rough Draft

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L. Dice Yurgens Eng 111 Sec 215 Paper 1 9.15.15 It was like living a poetic death, knowing that it could happen again at any moment. With a racing heart, watery eyes, and hands that trembled with fear, I knew there was something seriously wrong. As I crawled down the hallway to get help from my mother, I had tears streaming down my face and was overcome with anxiety. The pounding in my chest was enough to make me think I was dying. On the night of October 24th, 2014 my life had drastically changed. Suddenly and without warning, I had uncontrollable PVC’s and was unable to breathe. Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC’s) are extra or skipped beats that originate in the ventricles of the heart. These abnormal heartbeats disrupt normal heart rhythm and cause a flip-flop feeling and discomfort in the chest. The pattern during premature…show more content…
I literally thought I was having a heart attack because it was such an intense experience. My heart began pounding for several minutes and then began fluttering like there was no rhyme or rhythm to it. There would be a short pause of relief, then the process would start over again. After a nerve racking trip to the emergency room I was told I had nothing to worry about; however, it was recommended that I change my stress load and make some lifestyle changes. I made immediate changes through diet and exercise, but unfortunately that was not enough because the PVC’s only intensified, and I began to experience them more frequently. I would constantly have dizzy spells and a strange feeling in my chest. As my symptoms worsened it began to affect my sleeping patterns which, in turn, affected my grades and attendance at school. Lack of sleep put me in a zombie-like state where all I wanted to do was lay in bed for days on end. On the days that I had particularly bad PVC’s, I would have to take a day or two to rest and alleviate the
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