Screams in the Night

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Midnight was fast approaching, and as the city around me resonated with the traffic and flow of night life, heavy winter raindrops trickled against the streets. I wandered aimlessly, lost and uncertain of how I got here. Without warning a wave of bodies crashed behind me. A seething mass of noise and movement engulfed me, and just as quickly ceased. Looking towards the departing throng, I could make out the figures of young teenage boys and girls with their ravaging, hungry hearts. Suddenly I felt dispossessed in this place, set adrift in a world that I no longer had any part of. Yet something brought me here.

Vaguely he remembered, though tarnished by memory, the distant echoes of pain, loss, and sorrow. This pain was no longer just mental, obscured as it was by the passage of time and the complicity of my brain. Yet still it pulled me under and back towards the remnants of my past unfinished life.

Around me the swell of human traffic surged again. Caught now in it‘s undertow, I had to move quickly within it’s fast, free flowing current to avoid collisions and the sudden crush of the crowd. I sidestepped elbows and veered around swaying shoulders. Until eventually I found shelter inside the wake of a large group of young students heading towards their next bar. It was here that a memory of Clara sparked suddenly inside my brain. Why had it taken so long for me to remember her? And what had happened between us? I needed time to think and to figure out what was happening to me.

An alleyway opened up to my left, I dived into it relieved to escape the crowded and choked streets. I needed to find Clara, to find out what happened. Disparate memories still littered my past, an event, an argument and a struggle followed only by whit...

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...avens spread out like a spiders web.

He looked at his feet and was nearly surprised to find himself on the ledge of the roof of his apartment building. Legs quaking beneath him and his shirt nearly soaked as he was precariously perched upon the ledge.

Peering beyond him he saw reality as it truly was undisguised, plan, horrendous yet magnificent.
So it was true. Two children flounced crazed, wild, a puddle of tears beneath their feet. Their fear mixed with dread and their eyes ablaze with desperation and insanity. Adrenaline and fits of hysteria bubbling, rippling, warping (No. That was just his imagination.) Or was it?

His chest throbbed as his heart threatened to burst from its cage.
No more.

Torrential rain blanked the moonless night sky.

Jump, or don't jump?

His voice boomed loudly into the night sky:
“I'm sorry Clara! I love you!”

Then he stumbled!

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