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Daniel Bernoulli is not a very well-known scientist compared to Einstein en and Newton. Nevertheless, his controbutions to the science world didn’t go unnoticed in his time period. Bernoulli was a Swiss physicist, doctor and mathematician. He is most famous for his theorem which explains air pressure and force which explains airplanes take offs. Bernoulli was born into a family of Swiss mathematicians on February 8th 1700 in Groningen, Dutch Republic. Bernoulli’s Father Brother and uncle were all mathematicians. Bernoulli's father wished for his son to pursue a bussiness career, but Daniel was fascinated by mathematics. Daniel was a very smart child and an age 13 his father sent him to Basel University to study logic and philosophy. A year later Bernoulli received his masters and then apron his father’s wishes he went to study medicine on the condition that his father would teach him mathamatics. Bernoulli studied medicine at Hindenburg and Strasburg and visited Venice as well. Bernoulli returned to Basel to finish and receive his doctorate in medicine. Bernoulli worked at St. Petersburg as professor of mathematics but found himself unhappy. Illness struck Bernoulli which allowed him to leave St. Petersburg and go back to Basel as head of the chairs of medicine, metaphysics and natural philosophy until his death on March 17 1782 due to natural causes. Daniel Bernoulli's came to his theorem through the study of mathematics, kinetic energy, pressure and the law of Conservation of Energy. Bernoulli came up with his own equation to explain his thearom. The equation is [(1/2)pu^2+P=constant], his theorem states, that in effect of the total mechanical energy of the flowing fluid, comprising the energy associated with fl... ... middle of paper ... ...refore, according to Bernoulli's principle there should be less speed on the top of the ball than there is on the bottom of the ball. What happens is that the bottom part of the ball accelearates downwards faster than the top part and this allows for the ball to curve downward. Daniel Bernoulli was a Swedish born Mathematician Physicist and doctor. Through his studies, he was able to create his own theorem which has helped our everyday lives. Bernoulli’s theorem has helped human beings travel all over the globe. Bernoulli's thearom has helped sail boats and planes which allow human to travel to almost any destination the wish to go to. Bernoulli's principle also explains the curve ball in baseball. The curveball has changed the game of baseball and is called a "Phenomenon" because the ball is able to change postions dramatically due to air pressure on the ball

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