Saying Goodbye

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And there it was; the opened casket. The casket laid in the front of the room – the center of attention amongst the ten rows of church like benches whose maximum capacity was 250 people. An enlarged photograph of my cousin, right beside the casket, stood out amongst the other smaller photographs that were placed all over the room. The room was silent and cold; but the silence was soon interrupted by my aunt Diana’s soft yet echoing voice as she said “my son, my son” and ran over to my cousin's side. Soon enough everyone else in my family surrounded her and begun crying as well. I didn't know what to do. Seeing my cousin's corpse made me feel heartbroken, once again; but I didn't want to show any vulnerability. I wanted to put on a brave face for my family because I wanted them to worry about themselves and not the younger generation. When I was first found out about the traumatizing and horrible news, I had broken out in tears and everyone was trying to console me. They were worried about me, my younger cousins, and my brothers. I felt like they couldn't properly grieve since they were too busy worrying about everyone else. Well now I had to wear that mask, the mask of bravery, and I kept on pinching myself to retain the tears from coming out. I had hoped that this physical pain would keep me from feeling the emotional pain; yet it was barely working. I didn't want to cry. Today was not only my cousin's day; but also his mother's and his brother Luis's day. I was about to break out in tears again, when I saw Juan bring in cups filled with water for my aunts. That was a wonderful idea. I would keep my mind busy by tending to my family, by supporting them, and so I ran out of the room and went to entrance hall. Right next to the ent... ... middle of paper ... ...ssing out over the little problems in life, but instead sought of easy ways to fix them. My cousin had been right, we only have one short life to live and we had to enjoy it. I always take a camera when I know that I am going to go to a place to have fun. And I always make funny posses to commemorate the life that my cousin lived. As I said my final "goodbyes," I started to sob again; but I understood that this was natural. I am a human being, not a robot, so it is natural for me to express my feelings. I reached down and gave my cousin a kiss on the forehead then I felt around the engraved wordings on the coffin. They read "Jesus Alberto Crosby, November 1, 1976 – May 25, 2009" "It's not a goodbye, I will be seeing you once more Beto," I said under my breath. Beto was my cousin’s nickname. With that I left and I am still applying his wise advice to my daily life.

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