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The two movies that are to be compared are part of the Saw series, Saw I and Saw: The Final Chapter. In Saw I, the character of jigsaw was introduced. He forced people to play games in order to stay alive and advised them to always play by the rules of the game. The man behind the jigsaw mask was John Kramer, who was suffering from a frontal lobe tumor that he developed from colon cancer. When John Kramer died, Detective Mark Hoffman felt the need to continue his work. Detective Hoffman would put people in almost impossible games to survive and he was ultimately trying to murder these people instead of giving them a chance to survive. The character John Kramer is an anti-hero in a sense because he was punishing people who committed terrible …show more content…

Gordon's wife and daughter, Alison Gordon and Diana Gordon. Dr. Gordon felt responsible for this because he was beginning to have an affair with Carla Song. Then, Dr. Gordon received another call from Zep's phone except this time he heard gunshots in the background. All of a sudden, Dr. Gordon was tazed as soon as he started to panic when hearing the gunshots. When Dr. Gordon regained consciousness from the tazing, he realized the only way to survive is by amputating his foot with the hacksaw. After doing this, Zep entered the bathroom and tried to kill Adam but he shoots him in the shoulder. Zep tried to shoot again but was out of bullets, Adam then managed to retrieve the gun from Zep's hands. Adam took the toilet lid and hit Zep over the head with it. Dr. Gordon, losing blood from amputating his foot, told Adam that he would be back with help and started desperately crawling away. John Kramer pretending to be dead then arose and peeled back the fake skin that was covered in blood. Adam, who was in complete disbelief, begged him please let me go. John ignored him and kept walking to the bathroom door. John turned out the bathroom lights and grasped the bathroom door. John then said, "Game over!" and violently closed the door( When John did this, Adam was frantically screaming and begging for

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