Saving the Family for the Children

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Marriage is not only the ceremony that joins two people but it is also the relationship that exists between a husband and wife (Merriam-Webster). If the two people decide to end the marriage, they get a divorce. Divorce is the ending of a marriage, a complete separation (Merriam-Webster). Once children are a part of the relationship equation getting a divorce is more involved, it isn’t just a separation of two it becomes a separation and dissolution of a family. Divorce is a life changing event and should be extensively evaluated especially when children are involved. Children can sense an impending divorce up to a year before it is reality (Taylor, 124). Research has shown the immediate impacts of divorce can reduce family financial status (Taylor, 125), effect the children’s behavior (Taylor, 124), and long term can be children with lower levels of education (Taylor, 124), less meaningful parent-child relationships (Taylor, 124), and children that continue to have on going trust and commitment issues (Taylor, 125). There is only one reason where the impacts of divorce are less than the implications of staying in a marriage and that is when abuse is present; verbal or physical.
The divorce rate has decreased in Missouri from 1990 to 2011 from 5.1% to 3.9% (CDC), which is a positive trend. Newsweek reported “Part of the reason is the high cost of breaking up; many couples just can’t afford it”. The cost of divorce should be viewed more as an overall financial adjustment not just the initial cost of the attorney and filing fees which are paid at the beginning. After a divorce the family income is reduced by at least 50% (Fagan) and it is likely for a female to fall into poverty or below status until she would remarry (Vanassche...

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