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a) Job Title –Analyst – Sr. Analyst
b) Job details - providing analytical and transactional support as an analyst
• Providing M & Q
• Advisory on Corporate Finance
• ECM and strategic advice to a range of private and public businesses

Link to the job advertisement c) Knowledge gained through business finance will help in understanding the key concept of corporate finance as well as merger and acquisition. It will help in developing the analytical thinking in subject matter and this skill can be transformed to work place to achieve our career goal. Learning outcome includes valuation, Risk management, Mergers and corporate control and options which are very helpful in understanding the concept before moving on to the workforce in finance related work.

d) Increased globalization will make a vast opportunity to develop a global mindset so that all the data from other countries should be gathered to compare with the local market. Advance technology will help to complete the task faster and accurate and human workload will be reduced to some extent. Fierce competition globally will make the job more challenging due to cut throat competition and employer will demand more growth due to its competitive market.

Question 2
a) In recent time, there is an increased globally emphasis on corporate governance, because the contribution of corporate governance is not being foible against the Global Financial Crisis in recent years. As a result of failing corporate governance, many governing bodies have either changed or updated their governance codes; even in New Zeal...

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...butions helps business to achieve its goals and objectives. Also, STI are for those who achieve their individual goals determined by the board or their Chief Executive. In Short term incentives, infratil provides cash payments based on performance measure according to the key performance indicators. There are different levels of incentives depending on the nature of the individual role in Infratil.

d) Long Term Incentives
The purpose of long term incentives by Infratil is to collaborate executives’ performance with the shareholder interests and offer equity-based incentives so that high performing employees can be retained within the organization. Long term incentives include cash payments based on the performance and value add over a period of three years, or the allocation of shares under the Executive Share Scheme, which is mentioned in financial statements.

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