Salvadorians and Nuer People

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The Salvadorans and the refugees went through a lot of pain and hustle just to make it in the land many believed it was the land of opportunity, and that everything comes on a silver platter. But unfortunately they encountered the unexpected before getting to their promised land. They encountered and witnessed very difficult experiences; some of the things that they encountered include exposure to torture, sexual assault, war-related violence, genocide, and also the threat of personal annihilation and injury.

In the history of unlawful gangs, no gang is demonized than the Mara Salvatrucha the gang from Salvador. They did very harmful things to people; at one time they killed a whole bus ferrying passengers in Honduras and El Salvador. The gang is also famous for worshiping Satan and tattooing their faces. The criminal gang is traced to Salvadorans who escaped their own nation because of the civil war that was going on in their country at the time by trying to enter the United States of America. The cities like Los Angeles, the Salvadorans youth had to guard themselves from the Latino and black gangs (Ward, 2013).

Back in Salvador, the people there continued to suffer due to the civil war and they were trying their very best to get away from the hardships they were going through. Most of the Salvadorians only thought of the United States of America as their only hope for survival at the time. The police at the time were not of help since they were killing anyone who tried to protest on the streets. Young children lost their lives and families, pregnant women were killed, so much property and infrastructure was destroyed. The country seemed to be not anywhere close to its aim of prosperity, peace and social justice than when the whole process began (Ward, 2013).

The United States of America became uptight about the fact that the Salvadorians wanted to enter their nation. The already unlawful and dangerous Salvadorian gang was making the matter even worse with it existence. The authorities became very keen on who is entering the nation. The members of the gang were being deported back to their native land, so as to any Salvadorian immigrants who were in the country. The ironic thing being that the civil war back in El Salvador was being fuelled by the United States of America, the very same nation that is denying the Salvadorians a fresh start in their country.

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