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Good evening and welcome to another edition of the BBC satire

documentary series. Today we will be analyzing the battleground of

satirical poetry, examining two well-known satirical poems called

'Life-Cycle' by Bruce Dawe and 'Hymn Of The Scientific Farmer' by

Clive Sansom. But first, lets look at what a satire is and how the

victorious poet annihilates the foe of a satire.

According to the ancient Macquarie Dictionary, a satire is a 'term

applied to any work of literature or art whose objective is to

ridicule.' Using ridicule or mockery in the battleground, a satire has

the avowed objective of correcting human faults, while arousing

laughter or scorn in its intended audience or bystanders of the

victorious side. General targets or foe of satires' include

individuals, social groups, institutions, and human nature. Like other

genres, a satire is often a mode of writing introduced into various

literal forms. A poetic satirist or the victorious poet sometimes uses

scorn, sarcasm, innuendo or irony along with humor to expose the

enemy's human faults or foolishness.

Throughout the history of literature, satirical poems have obliterated

many varieties of antagonist, ranging from religious figures to

political and social failings in society. Since the ancient Roman and

Greek period, satirical poems have earned their respect by, to some

degree, shaping the humans we have become today. They aim to show us

our fault and persuade us to modify and advance our behaviour and

nature. One major poem, which highlights this concept, is the 'Hymn Of

The Scientific Farmer' by Clive Sansom.

Clive Samson, in his poem called the 'Hymn Of The Scientific Farmer,'

demonstrates to us his knowledge and awarenes...

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...ho could resurrect their team back to victory. This

demonstrates how pointless and futile their lives are and the extent

to which football is the basis of their existence.

Bruce Dawe has victoriously ridden the foe of any dignity. He has

ridiculed the supporters circuitously and shown the reader how we can

become so involved in something that we no longer recognize the

beauties of nature and life. This in turn encourages the reader to

change his or her life and to try and reach a balanced lifestyle.

Overall, both poets have been victorious over their foe. They have

managed to successfully create a satirized poem using some if not all

weapons against the foe. They have also been triumphant in leaving a

message for the bystanders of the battle, whether it is change in

attitude and life or avoidance of certain characteristics that may

overtake our lives.
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