Run Lola Run Symbolism

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The Symbolism of Run Lola Run Run Lola Run won the Bogey Award in 2000. The film was given four out of five stars from movie critics. The symbols in the film represent the problems the main characters have to overcome. Without these, the film would be incomplete. Three symbols that stand out is love, color, running, and the time she had to save her boyfriend. Love is the first symbol discussed. Lola and Manni's love is unconditional and unbreakable. They will go to such risk measures for each other. The introduction of love takes place in the beginning scene of the film where Lola is on the phone with Manni. He wants her to come somehow come up with 100,000 marks within twenty minutes. With it being challenging, Manni asks Lola why she said, “love can do anything”. He doesn’t think love is strong enough to save him. Even …show more content…

The color red is being used throughout the film. Red shows love, but it also shows the warmness and safety. Lola's red hair, telephone, and ambulance, and the plastic bag are red. The background in many scenes contains red. The Majority of the film, Lola is seen running. She's running for her and Manni's life. Lola's running represents the power and determination she has to save him. In the film, she tries to remain calm. When something is out of control; Lola uses a high pitch scream. The scream may disturb people, but it helps Lola gain control and feels relaxed in the situation. Number twenty is being used in different ways throughout the film. Lola only has twenty minutes to get the money to Manni. Lola keeps eyeing at the clocks, which is showing her race against time. Each sequel is almost twenty minutes. When she arrived at the casino, she chose number twenty. She won because she chose that number Lola was determined to win money that it seemed if she had made it land on 20. She screamed and then finally it lands on 20, and she wins. When she screamed, it showed what great power she

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