Ruben Hinojosa

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Democratic Representative Ruben Hinojosa of the 15th Congressional District was first elected in 1993 and is currently serving his ninth term in the 113th Congress (Hinojosa, Biography, 2014). Hinojosa is considered to be a supporter for the underprivileged and has distinguished himself as a strong campaigner for the Hispanic minority, education, housing and economic development (Hinojosa, Biography, 2014). The 15th Congressional District runs from the Rio Grande Valley to southeast San Antonio. The geographical characteristics are mostly rural, however Hidalgo County is the third fastest growing metropolitan area in the country (Hinojosa, Short Biography, 2014). Some of the cities that are included in the 15th District are Edinburg, Seguin,…show more content…
Costs have escalated while income has either stayed the same or has lowered, which has made it difficult and even impossible in some cases for some students to attend college. College, being so costly has created a never-ending cycle of uneducated and unemployed individuals. Ruben Hinojosa recognized this problem and had The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act passed in 2009, which is said to be the single largest investment in Pell grants and student loans in history passed by committee (Hinojosa, Legislative Accomplishments,…show more content…
Hinojosa had The Department of Education grants money to IDEA Public School in Weslaco and to The University Of Pan American (UTPA). IDEA Public School in Weslaco was awarded $150,938 (Hinojosa, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Announces Federal Grant Awarded To IDEA Public Schools In Weslaco, 2014). The IDEA Public School is able to use the money on increased enrollment or open one or more new charter schools that are based on the charter school model for which the eligible applicant has presented evidence of success (Hinojosa, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Announces Federal Grant Awarded To IDEA Public Schools In Weslaco, 2014). The Department of Education awarded UTPA $200,000 for the long-term rehabilitation training program for the year 2014. Hinojosa shows the importance of education by stating "Part of our nation's promise to those who seek to earn a college degree is that we will continue to work on making higher education more affordable and accessible for all of our students, especially those who come from middle class or low-income families and minorities," said US. Rep. Hinojosa. "UTPA continues to garner grant awards that offer opportunities for many students to continue their commitment to earning a college degree." (Hinojosa, Ruben Hinojosa Announces UTPA Receives U.S Department of Education Grant Award,
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