Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 5 is a Microcosm of the Entire Play

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about a pair of lovers, from two opposing families, fated to their death, Act 1 Scene 5 is a microcosm of the entire play, it contains a rollercoaster of emotions and many different themes such as love, hate and death but they are all expressed at their best in this part of the play.

The build up to the scene creates tension and expectation for the audience.

The prologue, said by the Chorus who have no character or emotion, gives the overall structure it tells the audience they will meet, fall in love and then die, it briefs them as to what is going to happen but does not let them in on too much information. From the start they are described as ‘star crossed lovers’ that are fated to disaster. Romeo has a vision that a chain of events starting at the party will lead to his death, he says he feels like fortune’s fool and whatever he does, it’s inevitable; he cannot escape or change fate.

The overall information given in the prologue is not too much for the audience; it gives them a brief overview of the play but does not spoil it for them. In a way it makes them feel as if they are being let in on a little secret because they get a hint of what is going to happen, without learning too much. Shakespeare describes Romeo and Juliet as victims in love as if they are caught in a trap, and cannot escape. However, Brooke the original playwright presents them as fools in love, which gives a different message to the audience, it comes across to them that Romeo and Juliet know that they won’t be accepted by either family but they still choose to love each other and everything that happens is their own fault.

In the prologue, the quote ‘ A pair of star crossed lovers take their life’ tells you they a...

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...y. This scene also appeals to the audience because it is a calm moment in an otherwise busy place, the party.

In conclusion, Shakespeare makes this scene appeal to an audience by the build up to it, by the prologue telling you what happens and giving a brief summary, The range of action in it and the mood changes; from aggression with Tybalt to when Romeo and Juliet first lay their eyes on one another, Also, the use of language, Our pair of lovers talk in a religious form in the sonnet that they share to come across to the audience that they do have a good side and to make them seem more innocent. And finally, the character development, we learn more about the main characters in this scene than we do in any other, we get to see the different sides to them which changes the mood and why it makes it more appealing and keeps the audience entertained and interested.
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